Tyler's Career

Tyler's Career
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I help families, businesses and individuals grow and manage their finances,
by managing risk, protecting their assets and by providing investment guidance.

Please look around the rest of this site to discover who I am, and what makes me tick.

The background...

Previously I had been a Director for a multinational life sciences and health services company, in charge of Service Delivery to clients.  Throughout my career I have always served as a conduit between clients' needs and outcomes, and in the past it had been within the scope of information technology.

While reviewing my career at Harris & MDS I realized that I was happiest and most successful when I was handed a situation and given the charge to investigate, research, and solve it myself -- and to explain the solution to the client.

I completed some interest and aptitude assessments, which said I had a true desire to directly help people. ("Yep, that sounds right," I said to myself)  So I started looking for career opportunities which would allow me to help people, using both my natural and learned skills.  In addition, "indirect intangible sales" ranked pretty high in my competency assessment -- an area that includes financial services -- although I still do not consider myself a "salesman".  The more I looked into it, and talked with colleagues who knew me well, the more I realized this was a natural fit.

And although the economic turmoil of 2007-2009 presented unique challenges for my clients and my practice, I realized that since I still enjoy this career during something like that, then I am definitely in the right place!


Revised: May 27, 2009