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Additional photos are interspersed throughout the rest of the site -- particularly the Travel pages -- but check back for more additions here as well.

Christmas-time 2000...
Very different than last year!


Christmas-time 1999...

Thought about using one of these in our Christmas letter, but decided to stick with just Ben, Erin, Danielle.

This is in December.  Yes, in Nebraska.  Very mild Winter of '99-'00 so far!
Denise in Montreal.  For work.  Yeah.

Actually this was on the weekend, and the photo was taken by a mime after Denise took a picture of him.  (she became an unwitting part of the show)

Family vacation of '99 in Washington, DC.

We are standing at the Lincoln Memorial -- Washington Memorial in the background.

Denise is taking the picture, of course.


Here are a some shots of Danielle . . .  These were probably taken when she was about 8 years old.  She is now pushing 16 (!!) and is still going strong!

danielle smile.jpg (58232 bytes)danielle on couch.jpg (57079 bytes)

^^ "Regal cat"...               "FAT CAT!!!"   vv

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