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We live in Lincoln, Nebraska.  We really like the city, the area.  For me it has been "home" for 25 years (since I came here to go to the University of Nebraska).  However, I grew up in Wausa, Nebraska, so that will always be "home" as well -- I still have many relatives there.

We've been in our current house for 5+ years, and really enjoy it.  It is spacious (compared to our previous house), has good space(s) for entertaining, and backs up to a small city park -- with a great view.  The nearest stores had been 2 miles away since we moved in -- which makes for a nice walk when the weather is nice -- but we now have a Walgreens a few blocks away, a Super Target a mile away, and other shops coming soon.  But none of them will interfere with the view, and should not add much traffic past our house itself.

My "personal time" is pretty much consumed by


Revised: May 27, 2009