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I've always been pretty athletic, and still enjoy watching most sports in person or on TV -- it just doesn't happen very often these days.. 
My favorite active pursuits are:  Playing volleyball, hiking, biking (should do it more), and golf (not nearly as often recently).  Denise and I have also been going to the gym (Madonna Proactive, very close to our house), and that has definitely been good for my fitness level.

I also enjoy keeping up with "current events" -- particularly in Lincoln and Southeast Nebraska, and with the topic areas below.

  • The Environment I have been a member of various environmental / nature organizations for many years.  The pages that I will be including here are an attempt to become more active, to raise the environmental awareness of you the reader, and to hopefully bolster the rolls of activists and contributors.

  • Travel  Denise and I both love to travel.  Our kids really enjoyed the vacations, too -- eventually!  (some of the trips we took may have been more "educational" than "fun")  See this section for some of the places we have been, and some we would like to see.

  • Food Between cooking it and eating it, my wife and I definitely have this area covered.  In fact, it has turned into a great combination:  She prepares it, I consume it!  
    Along the way we developed an appreciation for wine to accompany the food; and more recently (after Old Chicago moved to town!) I have been sampling various beers from around the world.

  • Home Theatre   Back in my unmarried days, I spent a lot of time accumulating audio and video recordings.  I have hundreds of CDs, albums (vinyl), and videotapes.  I upgraded my A/V system a few times, but this area has been stagnant for a few years.

Revised: July 27, 2008