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I have not done much "Mainquist Family" research, but I have collected a little bit of Mainquist info.  Almost all of it applies to the "Axel Mainquist" branch(es).

Here are a couple different family trees to choose from...

  1. Picture-format, going back farther into the past
  2. Narrative format, with the most information

Linda Mainquist called me some time ago with additional information.  Linda is the author of "The Red Book" (The Stories of the Axel and Hulda Mainquist Family), and is Evert's daughter.  She said this book is in the New York Public Library -- you can do a search for Catalog Number APV MAINQUIST 95-11911 (note: this specific link may break if NYPL changes their structure).

Linda recently wrote another book.  It is called A Farmer All His Life and is about her father, Evert.  She was kind enough to send me PDF files, and suggested I post them on this site.  Click here, then click on each separate section.

You can find MAINQUIST information at the Minnesota Historical Society.  To search online:  Use the previous link, then click on Collections, then Special Databases, then Visual Resources.  You can try this link to see if it will still take you straight there.  Then you can enter Mainquist for the search criteria, and it should return Mainquist photos that they have in their collection.  You can order reprints of these photos.

There are some resources at the Nebraska State Historical Society (nothing online at this point).

Finally, Linda said you can find information at the Emmigrant Museum in Vaxjo, Sweden.  {another source lists it as "The Emigrant Institute (an institution which is assembling data about all Swedish emigrants), Box 201, S351 04 Vaxjo, Sweden."}


Revised: June 25, 2010.